TI Announces $20 IoT Launchpad Board + MORE

TI Announces $20 IoT Launchpad Board + MORE
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DIY Craft Project: “Tow Mater” Adirondack Chair + MORE

I love this DIY craft project! My hubby will have to start crafting because, believe it or not my daughter loves Tow Mater. She even got a big Tow Mater for her birthday. Yes…. she loves the movie “Cars” and mostly Tow Mater. How can you not love Tow Mater?! The characters is so cu.... More »

12 Awesome DIY Storage Ideas For Your Bathroom + MORE

Keeping your bathroom organized is a tough job! The bathroom is the room in the house where you have so limited space but a lot of traffic. It’s a daily challenge to keep every corner neat and looking nice. And when it comes to storage it seems  that you never have enough space to store [R.... More »
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Art & Literature: Engaging Your Audience the Artful Way + MORE

Last June I spoke to a wonderful group of children’s book authors and Illustrators about how to create art activities or lesson plans for their books. It was such a great time for me as I have known many of the authors and illustrators for years. In my former quest as a middle grade novelist, .... More »

Maker Faire Detroit: Day 1 in Pictures + MORE

Maker Faire Detroit is sliding into day two with another full day of projects, presentations, and plumes of flame. Missed day one? Not to worry, below is a slideshow of some of the many creative expressions from the Faire’s first day. Filed under: GeneralRead more on MAKE .... More »

A Working OLED Watch Built from Scratch + MORE

What do you do when you have a small spare organic LED display? If you’re computer engineering student Jared Sanson, you make a watch out of it, designing nearly every aspect of it from scratch. This design was started at the circuit level, and after that, a PCB was laid […]Read more on.... More »
Texas Instruments just added another product to their LaunchPad line of development and evaluation boards. Their newest, the Tiva C Series TM4C1294 Connected LaunchPad is designed for Internet of Things applications. Based on a 120MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 CPU, the board has a built-in Ethernet controller and all the typical […]Read more on MAKE

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Foil and Tissue Paper Bunny Piñata

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tampa kids art programs 1394211840 840806231 TI Announces $20 IoT Launchpad Board + MOREMake a DIY Easter bunny piñata from foil and tissue paper for a kids party or Easter celebration! 
For Bean’s 2nd birthday we celebrated with a bunny party, her absolute favourite thing at the moment! I thought I’d have a go at making a DIY bunny piñata using simply tin foil and tissue paper, so that it would be easy to model and light, yet strong…

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tampa art programs 1394211833 817343106 TI Announces $20 IoT Launchpad Board + MOREIn general, a garden should provide three “qualities”: a lot of space to relax, fresh air and to be quite appealing to the human eye. A garden should have flowers, green grass and a water source. Create a beautiful ambiance in your garden with an awesome DIY idea: DIY garden fountain. Improve your beautiful garden design with a beautiful stone fountain made by your hands…

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tampa kids art programs 1394211834 1273845076 TI Announces $20 IoT Launchpad Board + MORETried to clean the kitchen sink so many time with no result?! No worry, I have the perfect solution for you. A DIY idea that will clean your sink efficiently and also will help you get rid of the many germs. And this DIY home project is chemicals free, meaning you won’t be using any of those expensive solutions that you can buy from the store…

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