Salt Dough Hand-print Butterfly Keepsake + MORE

Salt Dough Hand-print Butterfly Keepsake + MORE
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52 Totally Feasible Ways To Organize Your Home + MORE

Its time to get your life together and start organizing your home!! We have not one, not two but 52 totally feasible ways to organise your home. And when I say home, I mean your entire home: starting with the kitchen,to the closet and bathroom. Discover cheap and also quick tips to remodel your furn.... More »

New Project: Hot Glue Web Gun + MORE

Make a spider web shooter that’ll surely spread the creeps. Read more on MAKE .... More »

Book Review: Volpin Props’ Painting and Weathering Props is a Steal

I felt a little guilty (at first) about buying and reading Harrison’s Krix’s excellent ebook, Painting and Weathering for Props and Replicas. Part of being a maker is discovery by making, and this guy decided to take all his years of success (or rather, failures) and teach us all how to [&helli.... More »

Countdown to the Call for Makers for World Maker Faire New York + MORE

The application deadlines for participating in the 6th annual World Maker Faire New York (September 26/27) are fast approaching. Enter now before it's too late! Read more on MAKE The post Countdown to the Call for Makers for World Maker Faire New York appeared first on Make: DIY Projects, How-T.... More »

Hour-Long Special on Maker Faire Airing Tomorrow Night + MORE

If you live in the San Francisco area, you are already aware of who Kron4 is. They’ll be airing an hour-long special about Maker Faire at 9pm tomorrow, Friday, August 22. If you were at the Bay Area Maker Faire, you may have seen them interviewing people and walking around […]Read more .... More »
If I’m going to get this right, ED-209 needs to be massive and intimidating.Read more on MAKE

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Salt Dough Hand-print Butterfly Keepsake


children art class 1400278835 1976553409 Salt Dough Hand print Butterfly Keepsake + MOREHow to make a salt dough hand-print butterfly as a fun craft and lasting keepsake. We can’t get enough hand print and foot print crafts in my opinions!
I love the simplicity and reliability of Salt Dough, and how it has been used as a way to treasure little models and kiddie hand prints for generations…

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With three days still left to go on their crowdfunding campaign, the hackers behind the Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project who wanted to recover the ISEE-3 spacecraft and return it operations, have passed their funding goal.Read more on MAKE

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Well, we had great fun with our Egg Cress heads nearer Easter time… but to be honest, you don’t just have to do cress heads (or sprout heads as known in some areas) JUST at Easter. It is a simple science experiment that you can do all year round – to investigate how things grow. […]
The post Simple Science – Sprout Heads & Sunshine appeared first on Red Ted Art's Blog.

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tampa kids art workshops 1400278826 1985665748 Salt Dough Hand print Butterfly Keepsake + MOREI love a great book but when it comes to children’s art history, the selection has been boring. Not anymore. I was thrilled to receive a copy of A Child’s Introduction to Art: The World’s Greatest Paintings and Sculptures by Heather Alexander and illustrated by Meredith Hamilton. Finally a book that delivers a great synopsis of the world’s greatest artists in a voice that speaks well to children…

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