Rainbow Glitter Salt Dough + MORE

Rainbow Glitter Salt Dough + MORE

Leapfrog 3D Printer Giveaway Makes Father’s Day BIG + MORE

What could make Father’s Day really feel big this year? How about a really big 3D printer for free? Leapfrog thought that would be really cool, so they’ve asked if we want to give one away. Of course we said yes. Leapfrog has offered up a Creatr XL printer. These […]Read more on M.... More »

Chestnut Crafts – Animals (Mit Kastanien Basteln!)

I am quite aware that not everyone gets to collect these wonderful nature finds that are “conkers” in Autumn. What a pity – I have strong childhood memories of crafting with conkers and acorns and other autumn nature finds and is something that I am passionate about spreading the j.... More »
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New Project: Induction Instruction + MORE

Generate enough power to light an LED through the magic of inductive charging.Read more on MAKE .... More »

The Best Junkyard that Ever Was: ACE Auto Dismantlers

Maker Faire favorites like the Life Size Mousetrap and Cyclecide were born of junk donated by the now-closed ACE Junkyard. Filmmaker Yasmin Mawaz-Khan is Kickstarting for her documentary about this San Francisco maker landmark.Read more on MAKE .... More »
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Paper Mache Dragon Sculpture + MORE

This is not your typical grade school paper mache project. In fact Cindy Williams, had not sculpted anything since high school. Over 10 years later she is inspired by the work of Jonni Good of Ultimate Paper Mache, to take on this incredible project. Time in total was 8 months […]Read more on.... More »
If you’re planning on coming out to the largest DIY festival on the planet, pick up your tickets today and save.Read more on MAKE

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Rainbow Glitter Salt Dough

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children art class 1394883210 2020675803 Rainbow Glitter Salt Dough + MOREHere’s a simple recipe for rainbow glitter salt dough for making coloured models to harden and keep! There are so many ways to play with this extremely low-cost salt dough and it’s loved by older kids too.
We are very passionate about playing with all sorts of doughs because of how cheap, quick and easy they are to make at home and because of the many educational and developmental benefits they provide for young children…

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