Rainbow Glitter Salt Dough + MORE

Rainbow Glitter Salt Dough + MORE
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Plywood Dodecahedron Snaps into Single Piece Construction + MORE

Students of Oakland, California’s Laney College FabLab showed off a large plywood dodecahedron at the 2015 Bay Area Maker Faire. The room-sized structure was cut using CNC fabrication and fits together without any need for glue or nails, making it relatively easy to set up and break down. As.... More »

19 Creative Ways to Use Mason Jars This Halloween

I love celebrating Halloween! All those creative decorations, costumes, so many crafts!! Just love it! And because Halloween is coming, we need to put our creative mind to work. And with the help of some DIY ideas we can make this year Halloween, unforgettable. So many DIY Halloween ideas where y.... More »

Glass from the Past: Make a Lamp With Vintage Power Line Insulators + MORE

When I was a kid, I spent tons of time walking under the power lines at my grandparents’ farm, hunting for old glass insulators. Over the years, I ended up with quite a colorful collection, and I love the idea of turning those fond memories into beautiful DIY glass insulator […] Read mo.... More »

DIY Heart Candle Gift

Today I welcome Varya and her lovely Heart Candle DIY – not only do these candles look pretty, but they smell gorgeous too. What a lovely gift idea for kids to make! Ideal for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day gifts! As a mom of a 6 year old who goes to kindergarten, I have to [̷.... More »

This Emulator Turns an Arduino Uno into an Apple II

The Apple ][ holds a special place in people's hearts, and now you can relive the glory years with only an Arduino Uno and a whole lot of effort. Read more on MAKE The post This Emulator Turns an Arduino Uno into an Apple II appeared first on Make:. .... More »
If you’re planning on coming out to the largest DIY festival on the planet, pick up your tickets today and save.Read more on MAKE

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Rainbow Glitter Salt Dough

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children art class 1394883210 2020675803 Rainbow Glitter Salt Dough + MOREHere’s a simple recipe for rainbow glitter salt dough for making coloured models to harden and keep! There are so many ways to play with this extremely low-cost salt dough and it’s loved by older kids too.
We are very passionate about playing with all sorts of doughs because of how cheap, quick and easy they are to make at home and because of the many educational and developmental benefits they provide for young children…

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