Rainbow Glitter Salt Dough + MORE

Rainbow Glitter Salt Dough + MORE
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Learn How To Build A Beautiful Deck Using Wooden Pallets – DIY + MORE

Every once in a while we are overcome by great DIY ideas. Craft projects that we put our heart and soul into to create wonderful and extremely beautiful pieces of fun art projects which we put in certain places in our property to bring out the uniqueness and elegance of our gorgeous home. Home proje.... More »

Penang Mini Maker Faire 2014 Is Next Weekend! + MORE

Malaysia for its first time is hosting a Mini Maker Faire in Penang. The Penang Mini Maker Faire will be happening on 15-16th November 2014 from 9am to 6pm. at SPICE, Penang. They are expecting around 80 makers from different background such as tech enthusiasts, educators, engineers, science clubs .... More »
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Pivena: A Raspberry Pi Laptop Inspired By Novena + MORE

The Pivena is an open-source laser-cut wooden case with 3D printed plastic stand-offs and corner tie-ins. It was inspired by the Novena open-hardware laptop from Sutajio Kosagi. Read more on MAKE .... More »

New Project: Ultrasonic Spider-Sense + MORE

Using an ultrasonic range sensor we can sense how far away objects are.Read more on MAKE .... More »

Cool Crowdfunding: September 6th 2014 + MORE

“An elegant solution to a pretty frustrating problem. I’ve seen very complicated solutions with motors to detect motion and counter act them, this seems much more feasible. ” -Caleb Kraft View on Kickstarter “Anyone who 3D prints stuff regularly gets excited about new materia.... More »
If you’re planning on coming out to the largest DIY festival on the planet, pick up your tickets today and save.Read more on MAKE

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Rainbow Glitter Salt Dough

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children art class 1394883210 2020675803 Rainbow Glitter Salt Dough + MOREHere’s a simple recipe for rainbow glitter salt dough for making coloured models to harden and keep! There are so many ways to play with this extremely low-cost salt dough and it’s loved by older kids too.
We are very passionate about playing with all sorts of doughs because of how cheap, quick and easy they are to make at home and because of the many educational and developmental benefits they provide for young children…

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