Pom Pom Drop and Shoot: Toddler Play

Pom Pom Drop and Shoot: Toddler Play
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Pom Pom Drop and Shoot: Toddler Play

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tampa kids art workshops 1393197643 261793999 Pom Pom Drop and Shoot: Toddler PlayMake a fabulously fun DIY toddler toy for developing fine motor skills, co-ordination, concentration, counting and plenty of playful activity together! This is one of those super-simple ideas that can be pulled out at a moment’s notice with minimal preparation time, which is a win-win when playing with the little ones!
Here is the next instalment in our ongoing series of simple, easy and fun ideas of ways to play with toddlers!
Little Bean just turned 2 so we are officially into toddlerhood now and ready for all of the  extravagance that it will throw our way! She is an active and inquisitive child who loves to open lids, put things inside each other and find out how things work, so play and discovery is lots of fun with her!

This simple pom pom drop and shoot game was perfect as an afternoon activity for her and took just a few minutes to create…

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