Pancake Making Pretend Play + MORE

Pancake Making Pretend Play + MORE
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New Project: Building a Simple Arduino Robot + MORE

Learn how to quickly and easily build your first Arduino-based robot!Read more on MAKE .... More »
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Grant Imahara’s Hollywood Dream Machines, and the Spider Robot that Almost Killed Him + MORE

As a MythBuster, model maker, and combat roboticist, I've hacked everything from R2-D2 to the Energizer Bunny. Read more on MAKE .... More »

OpenExplorer Launches with New Adventures, OpenROV Giveaway + MORE

This week the adventure-tracking site OpenExplorer is going live to promote the explorer community, and giving away five OpenROVs to encourage citizen exploration.Read more on MAKE .... More »
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DIY Cute Tile Photo Coasters

Have a lot of pictures stored away in the back of an drawer or a shoe box and you want to display them?! Bringing you an awesome DIY idea that I’ve found on “Du Buh Du Designs” blog: DIY tile photo coasters. Make cute tile coasters with lots of picture representing you, your family.... More »

Upcycled Crocs Boat Craft

Well, I really am lucky, with today’s upcycled crocs craft!  These Croc Boats are so fun and love how well they float. But back to being lucky – I have to confess to having been a little crafty funk recently.. yes, we still make a lot – but a lot of the things we have […] Th.... More »
The Siegels live a somewhat isolated life, living and running their business developing robotic and educational exhibits for museums from an abandoned school building they purchased. They conduct humanitarian research and development into robotic adaptive technology and environmental, energy conservation and alternative energy technologies…

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Here is probably one of my quickest TP Roll Crafts yet (well, this one and our TP Roll Doodle Owl) – both make the most of the toilet paper roll’s natural colour – so there is no painting or decorating required first. Just a snip and glue and a little pen and done: you have […]The post Quick Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies – East Crafts for Kids appeared first on Red Ted Art's Blog.

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children art class 1393951895 1108442786 Pancake Making Pretend Play + MOREDessert is the main “food course” in our home. I love dessert, my hubby, even my little beautiful daughter loves desert. I mean… what kid doesn’t love dessert!? But what if I told you that you can have dessert made with delicious chocolate but at the same time it will taste like a fresh breath of air?! I have found on “Mom On Time Out” blog a delicious and also very easy to make DIY dessert recipe: chocolate covered mint patties…

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Pancake Making Pretend Play


tampa kids art class 1393951903 142094066 Pancake Making Pretend Play + MOREMake a fun invitation to play with pretend pancake making ingredients! Lots of imaginative cooking play and playful literacy learning at the same time with this easy to set up activity.

Most of our Invitation to Play set ups stay simply as photographs o our Facebook page, but occasionally they are  enjoyed so much by the kids that I pop them into a post here on the blog for future reference…

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