New Project: WAVEcopter: A Waterproof Quadcopter + MORE

New Project: WAVEcopter: A Waterproof Quadcopter + MORE
tampa art programs 1400764918 1290687459 New Project: WAVEcopter: A Waterproof Quadcopter + MORE

East To Make Ringlet Hairband Hairstyle

There are plenty of DIY Ideas that we all use in our everyday life. A great thing is that home projects are wonderful DIY projects that allow us the chance to explore our creative side. Fun art projects such as ringlet hair band hairstyles are wonderful DIY ideas that we can all give a try!  You w.... More »
tampa art programs 1401690261 473132475 New Project: WAVEcopter: A Waterproof Quadcopter + MORE

DIY Craft Project: Pop Can Tabs Lamp

There are plenty of fun art projects that you can pursue. Many of these practik ideas you can pursue them from home. DIY Ideas such as pop can tabs lamp are great craft ideas that you can incorporate in your home. What’s more, these are craft ideas that you can ask your children to join in and hel.... More »

Giant Spirograph Makes Mathematically Perfect Chalk Drawings On The Street

After struggling to use a little laser-cut spirograph, Nathan of HaHa Bird decided that the problem was scale-related and resolved to remedy the situation by building a massive version to use on the street, and it worked!Read more on MAKE .... More »

Tic Tac Toe – Stone Bees & Ladies Birds + MORE

Today, we are sharing another little craft that we made for Poppy Cat and her friends. Poppy Cat loves to head outdoors. How about this craft and activity celebrating one of Poppy Cat’s favourite things to find the garden: Bees and Ladybirds. Then turn them into a game of Noughts & Crosses (T.... More »

Delightful DARwin Mini Humanoids + MORE

The DARwin Mini is an adorable $499 humanoid robot from Robotis that can dance, fight and just generally be awesome. It's now available in now in the Maker Shed and at Maker Faire Bay Area this weekend.Read more on MAKE .... More »
WAVEcopter is a fully waterproof multicopter frame that I have constructed mostly from readily available and cheap electrical parts.

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Easter Bunny Treat Cups


tampa kids art class 1394285696 1946812351 New Project: WAVEcopter: A Waterproof Quadcopter + MOREMake some super simple Easter bunny  cups for going on easter egg hunts or giving treats in! A quick and easy decoration and DIY gift idea for the kids this Spring!
For Bean’s 2nd birthday we had a bunny themed part as she is obsessed by them right now and has been talking abut them non-stop for a few months, so everything at her little party had a bunny theme…

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