New Project: WAVEcopter: A Waterproof Quadcopter + MORE

New Project: WAVEcopter: A Waterproof Quadcopter + MORE

Hacking the Royal Institution at Christmas + MORE

The Royal Institution's annual Christmas lectures are just that, an institution. Given this year by Professor Danielle George it explores how 21st Century tinkering can change the world.Read more on MAKE .... More »

How Failing Fast Helps You Succeed: A Glimpse at the Process of Designing Hardware + MORE

  My name is Toshi Sakaguchi and I am co-founder of PLUST a design firm based in Providence, Rhode Island. Co-founder Lukas Scheurer is my best friend and my business partner. We both have had the privilege of studying Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). While [&helli.... More »

Tea Light Snowman Ornament + MORE

Here is a super cute little Snowman Craft for you – I love how quick and easy it is to make this snowman.. and that you can use this snowman craft as a Christmas Tree Ornament, or alternatively, add a little pin to the back and you have a fun and festive Seasonal Brooch to […] The post T.... More »
tampa art programs 1409045067 1295551756 New Project: WAVEcopter: A Waterproof Quadcopter + MORE

Art with Math — Draw a Simple Soccer Ball

What do you get when you combine geometry, art, and soccer?? A winning art lesson, that’s what! All the excitement of the World Cup this summer inspired me to come up with a creative way to teach kids how to draw a soccer ball. I was determined to develop a method that would be easy .... More »

Paddington Bear Craft using TP Rolls (of course!) + MORE

So.. my kids and I recently were lucky enough to go and see the new Paddington Bear Movie. Oh and how much we enjoyed it. I was particularly impressed to hear The Englishman chuckling away. I could go on and on about what we thought about the Paddington Movie, but I will send you over […] The .... More »
WAVEcopter is a fully waterproof multicopter frame that I have constructed mostly from readily available and cheap electrical parts.

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Easter Bunny Treat Cups


tampa kids art class 1394285696 1946812351 New Project: WAVEcopter: A Waterproof Quadcopter + MOREMake some super simple Easter bunny  cups for going on easter egg hunts or giving treats in! A quick and easy decoration and DIY gift idea for the kids this Spring!
For Bean’s 2nd birthday we had a bunny themed part as she is obsessed by them right now and has been talking abut them non-stop for a few months, so everything at her little party had a bunny theme…

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