New Project: WAVEcopter: A Waterproof Quadcopter + MORE

New Project: WAVEcopter: A Waterproof Quadcopter + MORE

New Project: Spoonhead — 123D Catch to 3D Print + MORE

This is a super quick and dirty tutorial for using 123D Catch to get a fast and easy easy 3D scan of your head. Once you have the scan or "catch" the tutorial will take you through a technique to clean it up and manipulate it for 3D printing.Read more on MAKE .... More »
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Turn An Old Door Into A Coat Rack / Photo Frame + MORE

Are you looking for fun art projects to improve the interior design of your house and impress your guests right from when they step foot into your home? Below are wonderful DIY Ideas that will help you do exactly that. By using the below mentioned steps, you’ll be able to create interesting things.... More »

Design Your Own House (Paper House Printable) + MORE

My kids love making little houses for their toys.. sometimes they use the lego bricks, other times, a little bit of tupperware, and some times a pile of stones….. I thought they would enjoy DESIGNING their very own house those. So I created this super simple and straight forward printable. The.... More »

Make it Last + MORE

The Make It Last Build Series, Sponsored by Microchip and Energizer Welcome to Make It Last, a project build series and contest, sponsored by Microchip and Energizer. Over the course of this contest, we’re going to cover a series of three project builds, demonstrating some of the finer points .... More »
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Print This Adorable Two-Wheeled, Self-Balancing Robot + MORE

We have seen a lot of great self-balancing robots over the past few years, but few of them have the same level of finish as the new EddiePlus. EddiePlus is an Intel Edison powered (get it Eddie/Edison) 3D printable robot. Eddie features rotary encoders on his wheels, a backpack to […]Read mor.... More »
WAVEcopter is a fully waterproof multicopter frame that I have constructed mostly from readily available and cheap electrical parts.

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Easter Bunny Treat Cups


tampa kids art class 1394285696 1946812351 New Project: WAVEcopter: A Waterproof Quadcopter + MOREMake some super simple Easter bunny  cups for going on easter egg hunts or giving treats in! A quick and easy decoration and DIY gift idea for the kids this Spring!
For Bean’s 2nd birthday we had a bunny themed part as she is obsessed by them right now and has been talking abut them non-stop for a few months, so everything at her little party had a bunny theme…

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