New Project: WAVEcopter: A Waterproof Quadcopter + MORE

New Project: WAVEcopter: A Waterproof Quadcopter + MORE
tampa art programs 1398716787 1914144975 New Project: WAVEcopter: A Waterproof Quadcopter + MORE

New Project: Solitary Bee Condos + MORE

Build a passive solar, backyard habitat for native solitary bees.Read more on MAKE .... More »
tampa kids art workshops 1398569399 437569192 New Project: WAVEcopter: A Waterproof Quadcopter + MORE

DIY Butterfly Shaped Garden Stepping Stones + MORE

Are you a handy person who loves the idea of doing DIY projects to enhance the look in your home? If you are, there are DIY Ideas that you can result to and create fun at projects to do at home and improve your livelihood and the look in your home and property. For instance, DIY Butterfly Shaped Ga.... More »

24 Awesome DIY Muffin Tin Recipes + MORE

Do you have in your pantry a lot of muffin tins in different shapes and sizes?! Do not have a lot of recipes to use all of them?! No worry!!! I have the perfect solution to your muffin tin problem: 24 awesome DIY muffin tin recipes. The muffin tin can be considered as one of […] The post 24 Aw.... More »

New Project: Festo Fin Gripper

Note: This fun project is provided by Festo as part of their appearance for Maker Camp 2014. Make yourself a gripper that is based on a fish’s tailfin! There is a lot to be discovered in nature. We can learn quite a bit from plants and animals. Left and right, up […]Read more on MAKE .... More »

Young Raspberry Pirates + MORE

Alaska-based young makers Nathan Schatz, 13, and his little brother, 10, wrote in to share their fun adventures with our Raspberry Pirate Radio project.Read more on MAKE .... More »
WAVEcopter is a fully waterproof multicopter frame that I have constructed mostly from readily available and cheap electrical parts.

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Easter Bunny Treat Cups


tampa kids art class 1394285696 1946812351 New Project: WAVEcopter: A Waterproof Quadcopter + MOREMake some super simple Easter bunny  cups for going on easter egg hunts or giving treats in! A quick and easy decoration and DIY gift idea for the kids this Spring!
For Bean’s 2nd birthday we had a bunny themed part as she is obsessed by them right now and has been talking abut them non-stop for a few months, so everything at her little party had a bunny theme…

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