DIY Flower Pot Candle Holder + MORE

DIY Flower Pot Candle Holder + MORE
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Merry Christmas 2014 + MORE

The most wonderful time of the year…. We can’t wait until the boys come home from college. We plan to do nothing. Not going anywhere. Just cooking (me) eating, drinking wine and waiting to see the The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies and Unbroken, which was one of our favorite reads .... More »
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12 Easy Ways To Tie A Scarf – DIY + MORE

When it comes to fashion and clothing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to change your dressing style or have to keep buying new clothes to keep up with the current trends. It also means that to be unique and to look very fashionable, you can use the same clothes that you have in your clo.... More »
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DIY Craft Project: Rug Using Fabric Ropes + MORE

There are a lot of fun art projects that you can engage in. Have you ever thought about making a rug just from fabric ropes? No? These are excellent craft ideas that can help you make a wonderful addition at home or at the office. Many DIY Ideas help you make interesting things. Useful ideas lead to.... More »

Tin Can Crafts: Stilts + MORE

This week we have been looking at what you can make from a tin cans. One of the classic tin can crafts for kids – are these fun Stilts. Pip Squeak (4) and I have had great fun making them and both the kids have loved using the stilts. It is really interesting watching them play […] The .... More »
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5 DIY 3D Scanners to Watch + MORE

  Spinscan In 2011, 3D printing genius Tony Buser released the Spinscan, an open source 3D scanner based on a laser and a digital camera. MakerBot later used ideas from the Spinscan to create the closed source Digitizer 3D scanner. Thankfully, Spinscan is still available and has inspired numero.... More »

DIY Flower Pot Candle Holder


children art class 1396747315 1523428292 DIY Flower Pot Candle Holder + MOREYet another wonderful fun DIY art projects. Great for fall season when the light arrive more sooner than expected and you want to add little flickers of light that is interesting to light up the dark parts of your garden. Again who doesn’t love the combination of candles and plants? These are actually fun and wonderful fun DIY projects to do at home…

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Science Experiments for Kids


tampa kids art class 1396747321 1322470057 DIY Flower Pot Candle Holder + MOREHere is a collection of 30 amazing science experiments for kids of all ages to enjoy at home or school!
We absolutely love trying out new science experiments together at home and are always on the look out for new amazing ideas to try! Thankfully there are many wonderful children’s activity blogs and education websites sharing some great ideas, and I have found our favourites from these to collate together into this bumper collection…

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DIY Felt Ball Mat Tutorial


tampa kids art programs 1396747316 568892504 DIY Flower Pot Candle Holder + MOREInstead of sitting at home getting all bored and wondering what to do, you can engage yourself in fun DIY art projects that will not only keep you busy but open the flood gates for your creative juices to flow instead of just trickling down.
DIY felt ball mat tutorial is part of DIY fun projects to do at home and enhance the colors and the beauty that is your home…

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