DIY Easter Home Craft: Creative Egg-Shell Carvings + MORE

DIY Easter Home Craft: Creative Egg-Shell Carvings + MORE
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Curriculum Workbook Bonus + MORE

You asked and now you have it: an 8-period weekly planner for your DSS Curriculum Workbook! Many workbook users asked if I could alter a few things in my curriculum workbook: extra periods and extra grade levels. 8-Period Planner Creating an extra worksheet planner was easy even though it took me F.... More »

White House Maker Faire Meetup is Almost Here + MORE

Come celebrate the “Day of Making” at the Make: headquarters in Sebastopol.Read more on MAKE .... More »
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The MAKE Team Grows: Introducing Caleb Kraft + MORE

The MAKE team is excited to announce a new addition to the team today: Caleb Kraft comes aboard as Community Editor. Caleb will help oversee our online editorial and community presence and further develop Previously at Hackaday and most recently at EETimes, he has a vibrant history o.... More »

What Will You Explore If You Win This Drone? + MORE

OpenExplorer is offering free drones to intrepid adventurers with goals of science and discovery.Read more on MAKE .... More »

Egg Carton Colour Sorting


tampa kids art workshops 1394734523 319938353 DIY Easter Home Craft: Creative Egg Shell Carvings + MOREPlay with colourful pom poms in the sensory table and sort them by colour into coloured egg cartons! Fine motor control, colour recognition and early sorting skills for toddlers and preschoolers.
Here’s the next simple play activity in our Toddler Play series, aimed manly at the 18 month to 3 year old age group, but perfectly enjoyable behind that stage too, of course!…

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In this episode of DiResta, Jimmy shows you how to make a simple (and cheap) silkscreen. Read more on MAKE

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This tutorial will show Windows users how to easily connect to your Raspberry Pi via SSH using the free and open-source WinSCP software.Read more on MAKE

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tampa kids art class 1394734513 1440000662 DIY Easter Home Craft: Creative Egg Shell Carvings + MOREAt times it is quite amazing how something that is very fragile, and I mean egg shell’s, can be used as a canvas for an awesome piece of art. If you like the idea of a fun art project using eggs, you can create gorgeous carvings from empty ostrich, chicken, emu or goose eggs. Besides, you can turn the fun art project into a hobby that you can practice frequently in your home if you have limited supplies and perhaps turn your fun venture into a profitable venture! From very simple to elegant and sophisticated carvings, all you need is practice to full master the skill and create beautiful egg shell cravings that will not only impress your family and friends, but will inspire them to do more…

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