Colour Sorting Pom Pom Drop Game + MORE

Colour Sorting Pom Pom Drop Game + MORE

Hypnotic Circular Knitting Machine Weaves Yarn Like Magic

Knitting is a popular needlecraft, but it can get tiring knitting larger pieces. Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet came up with a clever way to automate the process with this open source, open design, 3D printed circular knitting machine called the Circular Knitic. This idea didn’t just come ou.... More »
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New Project: Automatic Moving Halloween Props + MORE

Make Halloween props on a table move without anything touching them.Read more on MAKE .... More »

Functional Printing: Camera rigs, Toothpaste Keys and More + MORE

Its not just trinkets and toys, 3d printers actually are useful. Here are a few functional things people are printing. Read more on MAKE .... More »
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Woodland Colouring Pages (Free) + MORE

Looking for some Autumn or Fall Activities? Look no further. For us Autumn is all about how the seasons change – the changing colours of the leaves and the subsequent falling off the trees, the pine cones to collect and craft with, nature finds such as acorns and conkers and anything woodland .... More »

6-Year-Old Evan Declares Flaming Octopus to be “Cray-Cray”

"I'm proud that he included the propane tank in the drawing. His curiosity led him to figure out what made the thing work," says Evan's father.Read more on MAKE .... More »
tampa kids art class 1398087270 1598302497 Colour Sorting Pom Pom Drop Game + MOREI had every intention of sitting down this morning for a marathon session at my computer. Lesson plans, editorial calendars, blog navigation and a few pesky website glitches were on my to-do list.  As soon as I sat down, I knew my head wasn’t in the right space.On my right a very impressive spider web was forming in the corner of my window and on the left,  a stack of books threatened to tumble…

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CNC cut gear driven walker mechanism based on Klann linkage. Read more on MAKE

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Colour Sorting Pom Pom Drop Game


tampa kids art programs 1398087278 802678540 Colour Sorting Pom Pom Drop Game + MOREMake a fun game for colour sorting and fine motor skills coordination using rainbow cardboard tubes and coloured pom poms! A great indoor or outdoor activity for toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy again and again.

Here’s the latest in our Toddler Play series, although so many of these ideas are applicable to all ages if the kids and mine have all joined in at various stages with each one!

We painted some long wrapping paper tubes in rainbow colours and left them to dry…

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