Carnegie Mellon Student Gives a Lift to Lessig’s Ideas + MORE

Carnegie Mellon Student Gives a Lift to Lessig’s Ideas + MORE

Nature Play Ideas: Treasure Hunt

Welcome back for some more Nature Play Ideas – our little nature play mini series that we are sharing with you after our family holiday. Where the kids got busy collecting nature items and then playing with them LOTS! I captured some of our activity and thought I would share them with you. The.... More »

Ode to the Gameboy: 10 Projects Based on the Iconic Portable Nintendo + MORE

When the Nintendo Gameboy was first released in 1989, it was a tremendous commercial success. Gameboy developed a following among gamers that is in many ways still alive to this day. Here are 10 awesome projects inspired by the venerable Gameboy. Some merge the latest maker electronics with late-80s.... More »
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3D Printing Obi-Wan’s Lightsaber + MORE

What better way is there to utilize your fancy 3D printer than making Obi-Wan’s lightsaber? Reddit user Passim has shared this fantastic print of Obi-Wan’s iconic weapon, displaying elegance a blaster could never achieve. The files he used are available on Ultimaker’s object hostin.... More »
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Evernote: Digital Organization for the Art Teacher! + MORE

Summer is a great time to tackle something you’ve been wanting to do all year, but haven’t had time for.… like getting organized! When asked, most people would say that they’d like to be more organized. And getting organized can be especially challenging for us right-brained, creat.... More »

19+ Amazing Ways To Upcycle Your Old Furniture + MORE

You don’t want to give up that old chair?! Or the crib that reminds you that your baby is all grown up?! No problem! You don’t have too….. Give your old furniture a new life with these 19+ amazing ways. If you do not have that old furniture I am talking about but still have [….... More »

Lego Duplo Print Easter Egg Cards


tampa kids art class 1396377390 1959723268 Carnegie Mellon Student Gives a Lift to Lessig’s Ideas + MOREDecorate simple Easter egg cards using Lego Duplo to make a lovely pattern and creative effect! A perfect printing tool for little hands to hold and manipulate easily, with satisfying results.
With Easter fast approaching we made some very simple yet pretty Easter egg shaped cards using one of our favourite art methods, printing! Printmaking is so satisfying for young artists and depending on the materials used can create a huge range of effects very easily…

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How can people come together to make a hardware product? is trying to answer that. Read more on MAKE

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Carnegie Mellon graduate student brings Lessig’s ideas visually aliveRead more on MAKE

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