Carnegie Mellon Student Gives a Lift to Lessig’s Ideas + MORE

Carnegie Mellon Student Gives a Lift to Lessig’s Ideas + MORE

The MAKE Interns Build a Pedal Car, Part I + MORE

Make intern Paloma Fautley builds a pedal powered vehicle for Maker Faire Bay Area. Follow along with this series of posts to see how the project evolves, hopefully culminating in an impressive piece at Maker Faire.Read more on MAKE .... More »

Bird Feeder Crafts

Welcome back to another Crafty Video with Ali from Kids Chaos and myself! This week, is more of an “ideas chat” (with simple instructions discussed!) as we discuss Bird Feeders! And looking after birds this Winter. The majority of the Bird Feeders discussed are quite simple and need litt.... More »
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Discov3ry: Upgrade your 3D Printer For Icing And More + MORE

Discov3ry is a paste extruder upgrade for standard filament based 3D printers. If you’ve been following along with the growth and expansion of the home 3D printer community, you’ve probably seen a paste extruder or two over the past few years. These are systems that squeeze pastes such a.... More »

The Art of Displaying “Exploded” Skulls

Artist Ryan Matthew Cohn has resurrected the 18th century art of displaying "exploded" human skulls pioneered by French Anatomist Claude Beauchene.Read more on MAKE .... More »

DiResta: Bookends + MORE

In this video, I make a set of steel book ends with figures pushing from each side to keep the books in place.Read more on MAKE .... More »

Lego Duplo Print Easter Egg Cards


tampa kids art class 1396377390 1959723268 Carnegie Mellon Student Gives a Lift to Lessig’s Ideas + MOREDecorate simple Easter egg cards using Lego Duplo to make a lovely pattern and creative effect! A perfect printing tool for little hands to hold and manipulate easily, with satisfying results.
With Easter fast approaching we made some very simple yet pretty Easter egg shaped cards using one of our favourite art methods, printing! Printmaking is so satisfying for young artists and depending on the materials used can create a huge range of effects very easily…

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How can people come together to make a hardware product? is trying to answer that. Read more on MAKE

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Carnegie Mellon graduate student brings Lessig’s ideas visually aliveRead more on MAKE

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