Carnegie Mellon Student Gives a Lift to Lessig’s Ideas + MORE

Carnegie Mellon Student Gives a Lift to Lessig’s Ideas + MORE

Fantastic Mr Fox Mask for World Book Day + MORE

So here we are – once again, with a guest post over on Party Delights! This week, we made a Fantastic Mr Fox Mask – perfect for all Roald Dahl fans, planning crafts and activities for World Book Day. We love dressing up a the Fantastic Mr Fox, as the kids can wear “normal clothes&#.... More »

Why It’s Good for Everyone When Your Makerspace Is More Inclusive + MORE

There is a rather large gender gap in the makerspace community; one that has mirrored the well-documented gaps in various STEM fields, and while some proactive spaces have increased their efforts to support inclusivity, it has proven to be an uphill battle for others. It’s achievable though, .... More »

This Giant Floating Face Creepily Watches While You Gamble + MORE

Walk into the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas and you’ll be greeted by a giant golden face perched high above the casino floor, gently floating and bobbing over the throngs of people dreaming of riches. It’s eerie enough that you might think you’ve found heaven, or that someone spiked you.... More »
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How to Draw & Paint a Turkey + MORE

Need a quick and easy 40-minute art lesson for your Kinders or first grade class? For the last day of my Fall rotation, Kinders created these adorable thanksgiving turkeys. I hadn’t done a guided drawing lesson with this group yet, but since they have all settled down and have become quite .... More »

Easy Salt Dough Keepsakes – Shell Pendant

One of Pip Squeak’s favourite things is to collect SHELLS – LOTS of Shells. Every seaside we go to, she immediately sets off on a sea shell hunt – any size, big shells or small shells. Whole shells. Or broken shells. When we come home, she plays with the shells. Sorts them. Stacks .... More »

Lego Duplo Print Easter Egg Cards


tampa kids art class 1396377390 1959723268 Carnegie Mellon Student Gives a Lift to Lessig’s Ideas + MOREDecorate simple Easter egg cards using Lego Duplo to make a lovely pattern and creative effect! A perfect printing tool for little hands to hold and manipulate easily, with satisfying results.
With Easter fast approaching we made some very simple yet pretty Easter egg shaped cards using one of our favourite art methods, printing! Printmaking is so satisfying for young artists and depending on the materials used can create a huge range of effects very easily…

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How can people come together to make a hardware product? is trying to answer that. Read more on MAKE

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Carnegie Mellon graduate student brings Lessig’s ideas visually aliveRead more on MAKE

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