Bunny Birthday Party

Bunny Birthday Party
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DIY Masking Tape & Leaf Luminaries! + MORE

All you need is some fat masking tape, a ball jar, leaves and a tea light! Happy Thanksgiving to all! We are having a little Thanksgiving up here in the mountains, with just the 3 of us, and Captain took charge of the table decorations. She came up with a terrific idea for luminaries and they look .... More »

New Project: Spoonhead — 123D Catch to 3D Print + MORE

This is a super quick and dirty tutorial for using 123D Catch to get a fast and easy easy 3D scan of your head. Once you have the scan or "catch" the tutorial will take you through a technique to clean it up and manipulate it for 3D printing.Read more on MAKE .... More »

HP Unveils Their 3D Printer: Multi Jet Fusion + MORE

HP had previously mentioned that they would be entering the 3D printing market with their own hardware. Today they announced what that hardware will be. Targeting the commercial 3D printing industry, they’re showing off their Multi Jet Fusion Printer. HP, who is no stranger to printing, brings.... More »

World Cup Crafts: HAMA Bead Fun + MORE

Some of you may have heard of the UK Blogging Awards “BiBs”. This year, I am in crafts and outstanding categories (thank you for those of you who nominated me)… but I wanted to spend a little time on my fellow Craft Nominees… for me, events like the BiBs, is an opportunityt t.... More »

11 Festive Knitted Socks for Christmas (Free Patterns) + MORE

Winter is almost here! And since winter is almost here, what can be more comforting than a pair of cozy knitted socks that can keep you keep away from the cold weather! Knitted socks are so perfect for the winter holidays, when you can snuggle into a pair of cozy socks and spend perfect time [….... More »

Bunny Birthday Party

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children art class 1394546834 1840795909 Bunny Birthday PartyFood, decorations, party games and take home gifts for a bunny themed birthday or easter party for kids!
Little Bean turned 2 recently and she is in love with bunnies, so it seemed the perfect party theme for her to have!
Here are all the super-simple, DIY details for a bunny themed party for little ones at home…

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