Bunny Birthday Party

Bunny Birthday Party

Moustache Crafts – Mug Gift For Dad

So, a little while a go, I decided it would be fun to investigate all things MOUSTACHE (or mustache! depending on where you are from). The Moustache is a quircky little accessory, that is great to adding to ANYTHING, a bit like googly eyes and turn it from “something” into “somethi.... More »

11 Festive Knitted Socks for Christmas (Free Patterns) + MORE

Winter is almost here! And since winter is almost here, what can be more comforting than a pair of cozy knitted socks that can keep you keep away from the cold weather! Knitted socks are so perfect for the winter holidays, when you can snuggle into a pair of cozy socks and spend perfect time [….... More »

Laser Engraved Skateboards Are Too Beautiful to Ride + MORE

An artist and a laser engraver collaborate to make skateboards with beautiful laser engraved depictions of San Francisco landmarks. Read more on MAKE The post Laser Engraved Skateboards Are Too Beautiful to Ride appeared first on Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Ma.... More »

Monster Corner Bookmarks (and Owls!)

With Father’s Day coming up, we thought these fun monster bookmarks would go down well.. the best thing is – you can make any design you want.. it doesn’t have to be a Monster Corner Bookmark, but you could make an Alien, an Owl a penguin and bear… and lots lots more.. the th.... More »
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Cutting, Drilling, Sanding, and Printing with Dremel at Maker Faire + MORE

With a full range of tools and projects for all attendees to test out, the Dremel booth at this year’s Bay Area Maker Faire was non-stop action. Groups of people gathered to build their own derby cars, using multiple Dremel machines to rough-cut blocks of wood, drill holes, sand the edges, .... More »

Bunny Birthday Party

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children art class 1394546834 1840795909 Bunny Birthday PartyFood, decorations, party games and take home gifts for a bunny themed birthday or easter party for kids!
Little Bean turned 2 recently and she is in love with bunnies, so it seemed the perfect party theme for her to have!
Here are all the super-simple, DIY details for a bunny themed party for little ones at home…

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