Bunny Birthday Party

Bunny Birthday Party

Build an Impressive Little Air-Powered Toy Car + MORE

Young maker “CrazyPT” has a bunch of really cool toy building projects on his YouTube channel. Here, he creates a really fun little air-powered car out of little more than a plastic bottle, some bottle caps, plastic straws, wooden skewers, and a motor scavenged from a dead CD drive. Read.... More »
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7 Fun and Easy DIY Spy Projects To Turn You Into 007

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of being a CIA operative. Or maybe you’re really into into 007. But whatever the reason, you’ve always had a thing for spies and those high-tech toys they have up their sleeves. Well, now you don’t need all that formal training, not to mention all that danger. [&.... More »
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Salt Dough Hand-print Butterfly Keepsake + MORE

How to make a salt dough hand-print butterfly as a fun craft and lasting keepsake. We can’t get enough hand print and foot print crafts in my opinions! I love the simplicity and reliability of Salt Dough, and how it has been used as a way to treasure little models and kiddie hand prints for ge.... More »
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Losing to My High School Class a Big Win + MORE

Recently I switched careers from designing industrial food and dairy equipment to teaching industrial technology in a high school. While planning this move and taking night classes, I read quite a bit about authentic instruction where the students engage in real projects that end with something tang.... More »
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New Project: Solitary Bee Condos + MORE

Build a passive solar, backyard habitat for native solitary bees.Read more on MAKE .... More »

Bunny Birthday Party

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children art class 1394546834 1840795909 Bunny Birthday PartyFood, decorations, party games and take home gifts for a bunny themed birthday or easter party for kids!
Little Bean turned 2 recently and she is in love with bunnies, so it seemed the perfect party theme for her to have!
Here are all the super-simple, DIY details for a bunny themed party for little ones at home…

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